About Colgate Thirteen House

Open to the entire, extended community of Colgate families — past, present, and future — Thirteen House was originally designed to provide The Colgate 13 — Colgate’s oldest and premier a cappella singing group — with a permanent, on-campus center of gravity for Thirteen Alumni.

Opened at the Colgate 13’s 60th Reunion on June 1, 2002, Thirteen House is a first-class, private Guest House – think B&BYOB – for Colgate Thirteen Alumni “Crusties,” parents of 13ers, University dignitaries, and current and prospective Colgate families.

Thirteen House features +75 years of Colgate 13 and University memorabilia, providing an unmatched ambiance and home-away-from-home for Colgate families.

Rented by undergraduate 13ers in the 1990’s, the original farmhouse at 13 College Street was privately purchased in March 2000, razed and reconstructed from the ground up. 3,500 square-feet of singing and living space was built, doubling the structure’s original size to create a new, 5-bedroom, custom-built alumni house in original, central New York style.

Thirteen House features 5 bedrooms upstairs (three with private baths), laundry, family-style kitchen, Great Room, and central heating and cooling. The house accommodates three or more families with children or 10 adults.

Thirteen House rooms may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, up to one year in advance. Please email with any questions you may have: reservations@13House.com.